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Emily Mazzella – vocals

Lonnie Leibowitz – keys

Mike Goetz – bass

Emily Mazzella is a 21 year old, up and coming jazz singer on the scene. Her story with jazz is one that grows deeper in passion every day. She began music at a very young age; participating in various shows, musicals, and choirs- her first profound musical performance being through an honor choir which was showcased in the renown Carnegie Hall.

Emily’s love for music had only blossomed from that point on, where she then began to hone her craft in a serious fashion. Coming from R & B, Pop, and all various roots: Emily began to study voice with Jazz Pianist, Composer, and Vocal Coach Lonnie Leibowitz, around the later months of her junior year of high school, leading to her first professional gig as the featured singer, with Lonnie’s trio at the Putnam County 4H Fair that summer. Getting deeper into jazz, opening her heart space, she became aware to all its cosmic properties. She continued to dive deep into the artistry throughout high school. Committing to “note to note feeling” (absorbed through the Masters), whether a melody or scat, Emily always delivers a “pure soul expression, with intensity, as she communicates to her audience”- Lonnie Leibowitz. She has shared her unique message performing at various gigs, most notably in her recent performance with the Birdland Big Band at Birdland Jazz Club in Manhattan, and other NYC clubs. She has also shared the stage alongside Josh Groban during his Harmony Tour Performance at the Jones Beach Theater. Emily continues to work many local gig circuits, now expanding outward to the nation via radio air-play, interviews, blogs, and most importantly live performance.
Fall of 2020, brought her first professional release, an E.P. entitled “Freedom of the Note”. The E.P. was a powerful, transformational, and profound moment in Emily’s career in terms of communicating songs of the Great American Songbook in original, soulful ways. Two years later, in 2022, (at Scott Petito’s NRS Recording) and now being released in 2023, Emily is overflowing with gratitude to release her first full length recording, entitled “Awakening” (Solar Dream Records). Produced by Lonnie Leibowitz, who plays piano and guitar on the record, it also features the musical mastery of Michael Goetz on bass, Jason Anderson on drums, and Kazi Oliver on percussion. The inspired album appreciates, elevates, and communicates pure soul expression of the jazz language, (and its inherent spiritual totems). “Awakening”, and her live performances, have been capturing the ears and hearts of writers, critics, musicians, alike. Some moving words about the album are from that of the icon known as Jazz Vocalist Sheila Jordan… “Emily is a beautiful singer. It’s a joy to know that we have beautiful, young, and talented singers keeping’ this incredible music alive…”- Sheila Jordan, Jazz Vocalist

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